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Intervention Program

Frank E. Woodruff Elementary School has an extensive Intervention Program that meets the needs of all students. Currently, our intervention team includes two certificated teachers and three instructional assistants. The team works closely with grade-level teachers to provide Tier 2 small group instruction in both ELA and math.  RTI (Response to Instruction) is a systematic, data-driven approach to instruction that benefits every student.

“Tier 2 has three characteristics that distinguish it from core instruction: 1) it is evidence-based, 2) it consists of small-group instruction, and 3) it involves a clearly articulated intervention implemented with fidelity. According to this definition, Tier 2 is meant to provide a limited, but targeted, support system for students who struggle to meet grade-level performance standards. The goal of Tier 2 is to remediate academic skill deficits with the idea that in doing so, students will be successful in the Tier 1 program without support.” (Evelyn Johnson)

Our intervention team has ongoing assessments for ELA and math. Assessment results are shared with students, grade-level teachers, parents, and district personnel. RTI groups are flexible, fluid, and based on students' academic needs. 

During RTI, teachers work together to group students by academic needs in order to provide Tier 2 instruction. Students will receive standards-based instruction in both math and language arts. Additional programs for in-class interventions include the Imagine Learning computer-based program. Students can use this program at home and at school to practice standards-based skills.