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Mission & Vision Statement


The Frank E. Woodruff Elementary School learning community is united in providing the highest quality education for all students. We are committed to empowering students with the knowledge and skills to face the challenges of a competitive, global society as successful, responsible, and caring citizens. 


The vision of Frank E. Woodruff School is a strong learning community that educates the whole student. All students will be academically proficient, healthy in body, and strong in character.

This community is founded on a spirit of collaboration among parents, students, and teachers all working together to provide an enriched learning environment.

Research based methods and Common Core standards integrate the most current technology, authentic assessments, and high expectations for all students.

This community assists and encourages its members to develop positive character traits that allow each of them to become a unique, well-adjusted person and a contributing member of society.

This learning community strives to provide for the physical well being of all of its members by providing health education programs to promote healthy minds and bodies.


Ultimately, the Woodruff School learning community empowers its members to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make their dreams a reality.